COVID-19 Update

Monday 20th April 2020 - Please ensure you thoroughly read all of the following information.


The Prime Minister announced today that we will be moving from Alert Level 3 next week. We have begun preparation for this as we look at how we can make our environment as safe as possible for our children, teachers and families.


We will be re-opening the centre on Wednesday 29th April and will have availability for those parents that need this service. The Prime Minister and Ministry of Education have advised that if you are working from home or someone is at home to care for your child, that the best and safest option is for them to stay home. We want to reinforce that this is the recommendation from the Government and the Minister of Education has stated that return to centres should be for those situations where there is no one to care for your child. There may be situations where parents are required to return back to their workplace and we are only able to offer a space to your child in these situations. We have limited spaces (as per new regulations) to ensure that the small bubbles at school are kept to a minimum for our children and teachers safety. Please note that hours available may slightly vary to your child’s normal attendance. If your child is staying home during Alert Level 3, no fees will be charged during this time.


We are not expecting large numbers to return as we know many parents have had to work from home over this time, managing this with children at home, and this is expected to continue. However, for those that are returning to their workplace, we understand now that ‘bubbles’ are able to increase, there might be friends/family that will be caring for their children. For those returning to the workplace that may not have anyone at home or any additional support to care for children (e.g. family/friends), we have put into place procedures to return to the centre.


We have developed procedures and policies around making our environment as safe as we possible can, but please remember that it is very difficult to ensure that our children are maintaining ‘social distancing’. There are many times throughout the day including care routines and play times (especially children putting toys in their mouths) that are going to be a risk. Our procedures and policies around this will help minimise the risks but unfortunately eliminating all risk is not possible.


At this stage, New Zealand will be at Alert Level 3 for a minimum of 2 weeks. In order to implement our policies and procedures, we need to know as soon as possible, whether or not your child will be attending the centre while we are at Alert Level 3. Please note, that if you are keeping your child home, we are offering additional support (including resource hire, art/craft packs, etc) that will be an option for all those children who will remain at home during Level 3.


Please see the instructions below and follow the directions as required.


 We would appreciate you letting us know either way whether your child will be attending or not. Please complete the relevant form attached which will provide us more information about the status of your child’s attendance and what additional support we can offer you at home during this time.



Child remaining at home during Alert Level 3:


If your child is remaining home at Alert Level 3, we acknowledge that the lockdown may have been a stressful time and we appreciate your keeping your child at home during this time. We are aware that not being able to visit the parks and having limited resources at home may be challenging. Therefore, we will be making up art/craft packs that you are able to collect for your child. These will include various items that you are able to use at home with your child. We will also have resources that you are able to borrow on a 2-weekly basis. This includes puzzles, stories, games, etc. that we have within the centre and you are able to collect and take to use at home with your child.

Please complete the correct form below.


Child returning to the centre during Alert Level 3:


If your child needs to return during Alert Level 3, please be aware that many of the procedures will be adapted/changed to minimise risk and ensure that we are providing the safest possible environment for our children and teachers. Some of these changes will include temperature readings at drop offs, more strict procedures around coughs/runny noses, and teachers collecting children from carpark. We appreciate your understanding and co-operation with these changes.

Once you confirm that your child will be attending, your will be sent an information list of the procedures/policies so you are able to become familiar with these before your child attends.

If your child is attending, we need to know by Thursday 23rd April at the latest. This will ensure that we are able to implement relevant procedures and ensure that we are equipped for all of the children attending.

Please complete the correct form below.


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